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Who I Am & What I Do

Greetings! I'm Dr. James, and you’ve likely found me because you are searching for healing.











How I Got Here and How I Can Help You


I am here to serve and grow in joy as one!

Since I was a child I have always been a helper. I knew my life’s purpose was to empower others to become the best version of themselves. I wanted to become a healer as soon as I learned that it was possible, about 20 years ago.


In my early teens I started obsessively role playing video games and I was always drawn to the healing characters. Maybe it was the positive attention I wasn’t getting in real life and how it made me feel needed. Some of my best memories were playing massively multiplayer online role playing games with huge groups of people (over 100) and everyone wanting, needing, and thanking ME as a healer for helping them succeed. 


Little did I know at the time that empowering others to heal was going to be the most gratifying feeling I would ever have. 


I worked as a software engineer for a decade and won some pretty interesting awards; from employee of the month (in a 5,000 person company) to “best helper”.  This only solidified my drive, and my desire, to want to help others solve problems that they couldn’t solve themselves. Analytical mind very heavily over the emotional side. I was always looking for what was wrong and how to improve. Never in the moment and never appreciating what is.


In my role as a software engineer I once again became obsessive and would extensively research and focus on becoming the best at whatever I was doing (I have never been one to settle for meritocracy).  I quickly learned how technology is interdependent.  That an issue or problem in one area would often manifest itself in other seemingly unrelated areas.


In my 20’s I was addicted to technology (the first in a line of addictions I’ll share in time) and learned as much as I could about how the systems worked, and most importantly how they worked TOGETHER. Everything was connected, and my vast array of knowledge allowed me to spot and resolve patterns that others would often miss. It felt good to be able to fix problems on my own, but even more so to be a needed member of a team. It was in this role that I discovered I had a natural talent to assist others and promote people to be their absolute best!


Like technology, human beings are a commingled collection of interdependent systems, yet vastly more advanced!  For us, it’s the mind, body and spirit that are all connected and work together.  Just like the different layers of a technology, a small issue in one area of our human “system” that goes unnoticed could easily fester and grow into a bigger problem in another area.  Most may deem this problem as an unexplained symptom. Even many of the diagnoses conventional medical doctors give today are because they are too specialized and ignore, or just didn’t know enough about, other systems that make up the human experience. 


Do you believe that what you think influences your physical body?


I do...This is because science is showing us that we all exist within a field of unified, connected energy that regulates our health and well-being.


Let me explain…..


Something that we perceive as small and trivial, that happened when you were a child, baby, or even earlier, could be affecting you DRASTICALLY today?  For example, when you are born if there is any trauma during the birth (most of us have this to some extent) then there is some part of your energy field that gets imprinted with the pattern that this world is not safe?! If, when you were 3, your mother gave your younger brother a popsicle but wouldn’t give you one, the pattern of being unworthy could get stuck in your energy! These energy patterns will cause tension in the body and muscle tightness which prevents energy from moving. 


This can cause any and all nature of physical and mental manifestations; anything from chronic disease, to our relationships, to our income.


It is my intention to empower you to identify, release, and overcome these self-imposed internal limitations. 


We heal on an energetic level before a physical level. It is my job to identify what is in the way of your healing. To discover what is blocking your full potential!


I can teach you how to engage your own innate healing powers that exist within us all. Knowledge is the first step to empowerment.  Now I could show you the way through videos and blog posts, but until you have a true healing experience you won’t feel the raw power of your true self. It is only through repetition and experience that we can gain wisdom and change for good. Knowledge is the precursor to wisdom. There is a dormant force within you that can heal you. The same creative force that began all things, continues to flow through you. Let me show you how to unleash its infinite energy.


Now, people come to me for all sorts of symptoms from headaches and digestion issues, to troubled relationships and depression. Most of my clients have tried everything else including many modalities of western medicine such as conventional talk therapy, medications, diet, lifestyle change, even other spiritual or energetic healers… yet nothing has worked. I had a history of depression, anxiety, addiction and narcissism that took me years and in some cases decades to recognize and heal. I want to use the wisdom that I have gained (the hard way) to serve you and fast track your healing and spiritual growth.


I offer free consultations to new clients as a way to see if my skills and services can in fact help you.  This is a crucial part of our relationship as over the years I have learned that there are some people that I am unable to help for one reason or another. Most often this is because the person was not ready to give up what was making them ill.  If accepted as a client, be ready and committed to take this journey with me to dive into the depths of your healing nature.


We will work together over a minimum of 4 weeks to restore your mind, body and energetic balance. My goal is to get your energy to a critical mass where it gets enough momentum to continue healing without my intervention.


Click on Apply from the site menu to learn more about how I can serve you!

I am a Naturopathic Doctor.

I specialize in Energy Healing.

I teach you the skills and tools to heal yourself from the inside out.

Learn about and experience the power of the mind to influence reality.

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