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Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

This is scientific proof of the law of attraction. Our heart creates a magnetic field that vibrates at a frequency based on our emotional state. How we feel in our heart always affects our outcome. This is karma in effect. The timeline is not always what we would expect. It is based on infinite time which is beyond our human understanding. It always pays out in the end though.

Just think of the last time you had a bad morning and it snowballed into a bad day and then blow out fight with someone you love later that day! It’s because the heart was in a downward spiral of negativity fueled by thinking bad thoughts thereby generating a negative emotional state. Anger, fear, hate are the worst emotions.

Love, forgiveness, gratitude are the best emotions. Having faith and maintaining a powerful belief in a positive outcome will positively affect your reality. Our emotions manifest our world and it’s not just localized to you. We are all connected. It’s strongest with the top 1 person you spend time with, then the top 5, and after that it’s not influenced much but still connected.

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