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Victory Over My Longest Addiction

It took decades for society to believe the science that proved smoking cigarettes was harmful, and we are learning a similar lesson with porn in our world today. ⁠

With all this new information gathered from research and scientific studies, it is time for society to take a critical look at what’s been perpetually marketed as a relationship enhancer, harmless personal entertainment, and solid sexual education source.⁠

It has taken me 5 years of conscious effort to overcome my own addiction. Starting when I was 12 I began using porn to masturbate, on average twice a day. Even during relationships I felt the need to use. The dopamine hit was stronger than most drugs. At times I was watching it before and after class, during work in the bathroom, and while driving. Hiding it from everyone yet thinking it was normal!

The damage I was doing to my dopamine receptors pales in comparison to how I was affecting my consciousness. My self esteem was non existent, I found it hard to be present in daily life, had no drive or will power in any capacity, and in general was a shell of a human being. I attracted some pretty dark experiences in the process. Which now I am grateful for their lessons.

Let my experiences pave the way for others who are unaware and giving away their vital life force to an evil machine.

Here are just fifteen reasons why porn is anything but harmless entertainment:⁠

1. Porn can change and even rewire a consumer’s brain.

2. Porn affects the brain like a drug. 💉⁠

3. Porn can become an obsessive compulsion or even an addiction. 🚬 ⁠

4. Porn can alter a consumer’s sexual tastes. 🕹⁠

5. Similar to a drug, porn can affect a consumer’s brain. 📱⁠

6. Porn can damage your sex life and sexual health. 😵⁠

7. Porn is full of toxic lies. 🤥⁠

8. Porn can harm love and drive a wedge in relationships. 💔⁠

9. Porn can fuel anxiety, depression, and leave consumers lonelier than before. 📵⁠

10. Porn can hurt your partner. 😔⁠

11. Porn can warp healthy views of sex. 👀⁠

12. Porn has a dirty little secret: not all explicit content is produced consensually.

13. Porn is inseparably connected to sex trafficking. ⛓⁠

14. Porn is connected to violence. 🤕⁠

15. Porn is evolving to be more extreme, violent, and degrading than ever before. 💻⁠

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