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Why Have Faith?

Having belief in something greater than yourself gives a confidence that cannot be found anywhere else.

Prayer has power in some similar ways to meditation (we will get into that soon), like focusing the mind - and when performed correctly it can be a magnificent gratitude practice. Thanking God, or whatever higher power you believe in, for the good things in our life is a sure fire way to continue to see good things appear.

Is it that easy, you may ask? Almost, but there is a key prerequisite that can be a bit of a curve ball at times. You must not only know it in your head, but more importantly feel it in your heart. The key is to feel grateful and appreciate what you have deep down - with an abundance of passion! Want proof? I have a small device, that clips on my ear and beeps as it measures different vibratory states of my heart. A consistent beep sounds as it turns green to represent the frequency wavelengths of positive emotions like love, forgiveness, faith, peace and gratitude. The science of praying in particular feeling states is very well documented by the HeartMath institute.

Most of us are familiar with the placebo effect. This is the brains ability to control the environment. It does so through a positive feeling state that there will be a favorable outcome. Use the same emotional trick in your prayers by focusing on the good!

Our perception of our environment is everything; our belief trumps our reality.

Focusing on anything will force it to grow, good and bad. There are only good and bad actions; two directions in life. There is no gray area. Please use this knowledge for your own growth. I consciously remind myself of it daily. Follow this rule and you can have faith that you are on the right path.

Be thankful, love deeply and forgive fully.

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