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You Get To Choose!

Updated: May 10, 2020

Want each day to be better than the day before? Pay attention to your thoughts.

Through simple choices in each moment we can create and maintain a wave of positive emotion. Position emotions manifest as positive life events. Contrary to popular belief - it's NOT the other way around.

For example: You are not happy because you got the money. The money came to you because you were happy.

To understand how this works we must first recognize the physical laws of our reality.

Everything is made of energy. We can think of energy vibrating at a frequency like waves in the ocean. The universe is a system of vibrations with infinite possibilities all playing out at once. We only need to tap into what we want. Change the frequency of the energy field around you to match that of what you want and you will begin to attract it.

It starts out small and grows and grows until it crashes. The mind has a tendency to snowball our state of consciousness, whatever that may be...

it will always grow. Through our habits, the state of mind will multiply and spread into other areas of life; negative or positive.

We create an energetic wave when we give meaning to outside events. That's right, we get to choose the meaning! Most of us do this subconsciously without thoughts. I invite you to pay attention to how you feel about things that happen FOR you. They are not negative or positive by nature - only neutral. Events are only negative or positive based on how we view them.

We perceive things as good or bad based on our past experiences and subconscious conditioning...

which can be HACKED.

Our perception of our environment creates our reality. This starts out as just vibration (so does everything) and is manifest physically through epigenetic expression and cellular capacity. Energy becomes matter. In quantum physics this is when a wave collapses into particle form, referred to as a quantum event.

What we think and feel has a direct impact on what we experience. Think happy and be happy! It is possible to heal your body with your mind. Tonic thoughts create a tonic effect inside the body. The reverse is also true; toxic thoughts and emotions create a toxic environment inside each cell of your body.

The key is to be AWARE of the ego and by doing that you can RESPOND rather than react...

meaning you get to choose how you perceive each event in life.

This perception is what puts your heart into a state of coherence and aligns your physical body with your higher self.

Energy is never created or destroyed, only transformed.

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